For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of creating a non-profit organization dedicated to serving a variety of populations using the Arts as Medicine.  Together, with a small yet strong Board of Directors and a few powerful Honorary Board members we are proud to say we have done just that! 

The Gutai Foundation was officially founded on July 17, 2013. We recieved our 501c3 status in summer of 2014! We will be revising the LOGO & website so please check back this Fall (2018) for a lite launch of our NEW WEBSITE! 

You can access the new site from this site or by visiting

As always, thank you for your interest and ongoing support!


Lisa Russo Pettigrew


The Gutai Foundation


Who I am:

Welcome, I am Lisa Russo Pettigrew ~ I offer innovative services that inspire people to turn their challenges into insights & strength.  Using a variety of proven methods, I teach practical ways to incorporate meaningful change that will enhance your life and support optimal health & well-being as you move forward on your unique path!

It is with deep passion, care & sensitivity that I enthusiastically share what brings me peace, balance, and joy while on this journey. 

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What we do:

These services inspire, educate & positively affect the physical, emotional, mental & social aspects of living with any challenge. We use the arts to rediscover the body, mind, heart connection, support encouragement, & create new resources. 

I provide a structured approach with guided exercises designed to elicit a creative response that promotes the release of stress issues, grief, loss, anger, shame and much more.  Together we ignite the “body’s wisdom” to improve health, well being, & anything else we desire!

This work empowers people to take charge of their lives! 

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How You Benefit:


• Reduce stress & anxiety

• Form positive body image & connection

• Develop awareness to listen & trust your bodies wisdom & intuition

• Learn effective skills to enhance self-love, care & nurturing


• Release overwhelming feelings

• Build skills to process feelings and emotions

• Learn new ways to approach coping with: what is, next steps & more

• Develop ability to articulate & share feelings & emotions with family & friends.


• Identify, confront & release habits that keep you from living fully

• Create new hope & thinking patterns

  1. Develop your “bodies intelligence” to inform who you are & how you make your choices.


• Learn techniques to support the importance of “receptivity”

• Empower yourself with time-sensitive meditations, visualization and somatic exercises

  1. Learn simple tools to support peace, balance & deeper connection(s) in your daily life.


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