On my first day, I had serious doubts of my ability. Through Lisa’s unwavering ability to teach and guide I mustered the courage to continue…..Thank you Lisa for your inspiration and skill!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  I don't know where to begin... working with you has more than exceeded my expectations!! It was wonderful, loving, calming, healing, relaxing, warming, and inspiring! Driving home I didn't turn on the radio in the car, I just enjoyed the peaceful silence in me and around me! It was a wonderful experience to connect with my body, mind, spirit and emotions on different levels, to become aware of things, to be creative without any pressure of it having to look great or "artsy" so to speak and just let go and feel!!  

Our work together made me clearer than ever! I am sure the tools you gave me will be very helpful!  I am so grateful for having met you, and introducing these tools and practices to me – even sending an email afterwards to recap everything!  I still feel peaceful and relaxed (physically, mentally and emotionally), I had a good night sleep and the next morning for the first time in a while I woke up without the usual headache and tense neck and jaw!!! This lasted for the entire day! 


Yesterday we all met. Today we leave as friends who have shared in creative fun & enjoyment.  I would like to thank Lisa for guiding us on how to bring from the bottom of our minds & hearts, talent and abilities of which we were not aware we had!


This workshop has been a very freeing experience!  It has allowed me to express myself in ways I never dreamed of before. I now feel creative, worthwhile, and accepted. I love the arts but have never considered myself a real “artist”.  Now I realize that is not important. I feel I have opened up yet another dimension of moving, drawing, writing and expressing myself. It is so much fun – what a find at my age! Thank you Lisa – you’re simply terrific.


When I came to the first class, I had no idea what a journey these 8 weeks would be. From the first day, I began looking back on things in the form of “I was,” thoughts about what “I am,” and looked ahead to what “I will be.” At the end of our 2 months together, I can finally say, “I am integrating my discoveries into my life ~ I feel alive!” Deep gratitude to Lisa for giving me the tools, and support I needed. Her encouragement and grounded presence consistently guided me. I highly recommend her group work, retreats and individual sessions ~ in each there are unique gifts as she is a unique gift and inspiration!


Thank you for a rich day of insight and contemplation, dear Lisa. I enjoyed your enthusiastic

yet gentle and caring style of facilitation and welcomed the safe space you created for me and the group to explore my inner world through my body and my emotions. Thank you again for

a day full of treasures. So glad to have found you. 

– Rita


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