“The Mosaic Project: Uniting Fertility Stories Through Image and Word”
I wanted to do something for National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) to inspire women & men’s creativity that unites our stories.  The struggle with fertility can be a confusing and lonely journey.  Most associate building their family as a happy time to treasure and bloom from. For many of us this is not the case.  How in the face of such despair can we continue to bloom and live fully?

RESOLVE offers a community that educates, inspires and supports each of us wherever we may be!  NIAW highlights this mission. 

“The Mosaic Project” is a celebration of community uniting to create voice through image and word with the intention of inspiring us through the tough times and the happy times!

WHEN: Submit from April 2nd – the 18th

HOW: Send a photo & a few meaningful words that give your journey voice to: lisa@lisapettigrew.org

WHO:  Men & Women who are, or have struggled.

OUTCOME:  Once all images and words are received I will take 1 week to create a surprise Mosaic that will combine all of our images and words.  On the first day of NIAW: Saturday, April 21st you will receive an email directing you to the launch and the variety of places you can interact with it during National Infertility week, which ends on April 27th!

Create. Celebrate. Submit.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is completely confidential. NO names will be used and all images and words shared will be creatively processed to maintain autonomy!  So share ANYTHING, as it is completely safe.


In session and ending February 19th
Join our next Expressive Arts Support Group in Winter of 2013

Use Doctor - Recommended Expressive Arts Fertility Support Group designed specifically for women & men who are struggling to conceive.

Bring your weekly fertility woes to this theme specific group and we will create new ways to relate and release them while being in community with people who share the same dream and understand the struggle!


Week 1            Introductions and Unmasking the Illusion of Control

                            Parenthood is one long exercise in relinquishing control . . . or the illusion that we
                          ever had it.  Jane Adams

Week 2            Understanding our Beliefs about our Fertility Journey
                        The Mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.  Robin Sharma

Week 3            Tuning into the Wisdom of our Body
                        The body never lies.  Martha Graham

Week 4            Listening to the Voice of Intuition
                        The only real valuable thing is intuition.  Albert Einstein

Week 5            Transforming Suffering into Enlightenment
                        You will be graced with the disasters your soul requires to find its way home. 
                          Martha Beck

Week 6            Finding the Flow: Allowing vs. Controlling
                        You were born with wings.  Why prefer to crawl through life?  Rumi

          Themes originated by The Fertile Soul Teleseminar Class with Christine Stuart


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